Chip Timing

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Chip Timing

Chip timing (or RFID or tag timing) is used in almost all mass events, both in running events, in skating and cycling. We use the IPICO Sports Dual Frequency system, suitable for small to very big events. The Istanbul marathon (with the attached 15K, 10K and 6K funrun) had little over 106.000 runners (!!) and we had 8 timing locations on the track.

The entire solutions was connected live to Turkish Television and the Vodafone app. For Active Network (owner of IPICO Sports) we are one of two “preferred partners” for all their European events. Usually these are big and complex events with a lot of preparation.

We also do a lot of small, local events. Events that may have just 1 timing location and 350 runners. IPICO Sports is the best choice for events like this because we can either use shoetags or bibtags, with the same reader equipment. Both options will be read with a much higher succes rate then any UHF based system.

Nothing is more annoying than incomplete results. It does not matter if you are the Istanbul marathon or any small local event. By using the best technology available and combining that with our experience at large events we can help small organizations become more succesfull. Without large budgets or a long preparation time, but backed with profesionals.