2017 User Conference

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2017 User Conference

On November 18th 2017 we once again invite all our customers and timers to come to the Olympus’70 (Naaldwijk) location for our technical conference. As always we have 2 tracks: FinishLynx & IPICO. The sessionlist is not finalized yet, but expect the following:


  • Opening session – how should we market out services?
  • Getting Windows 10 ready and reliable for timing


  • Lessons learned – what to expect with large competitions?
  • ResulTV – what is it and how does it work?
  • FieldLynx – a practical guide to working with EDM
  • The perfect plaatjes: what is the difference between a good and beautiful picture


  • Maintenance on your readers (Hands on – BYOD!)
  • New features in IpicoWiz – live web publications, emails, remote control

Keep in mind that almost all sessions will be in Dutch!

We are very proud to have Robert Puestow from Active Network | IPICO Sports as a guest speaker! He will do a session (it content is up for review). It is also a wonderful opportunity to speak with “someone in charge” at Active! Oh .. and he has promised to have some special deals, just for the timers that are present.